Can’t we all just be tiny dancers?

I love her enthusiasm and joy for what she’s doing. May she never lose that! (And I can find mine again please…)


Autumn is a beach

The truth is, parenting isn’t really seasonal. Some have tried to suggest that birth is like spring, full of promise and hope- life budding from within like leaves on trees, and that as parents the other times, good and bad can be filed away as winter, autumn and summer.

But that doesn’t leave room for Cape Town parenting. Cape Town is notorious for its “four seasons on one day” attitude. Now that’s the kind of parenting I can relate to. You wake up in a rainy mood and go to bed with the sun streaming on your face. Kids can blow the clouds away with their bursts of energy and, as quickly as they get upset, return once more to fits of giggles.

Here we are in what is laughably termed “autumn” on a Cape Town beach. It was a delightful warm evening, but, within five minutes of the sun disappearing behind the mountain, the rain came. We dashed to the car and headed home for homemade pizzas while we watched the rain racing down the window panes.



Somewhere, a sloth is smiling

It may been a bad day. Life may have chewed you up and spat you out. That’s how it goes. It’s good to have a strategy for coping when that happens…

I have three children, and they’re pretty good at cheering me up. Karen knows how to do that, too.

When the muse has fled and there are only moths left in my wallet, a glass of wine helps.

Failing that, the knowledge that somewhere, SOMEWHERE, a sloth is smiling will do the trick.

Pleased to meet you all.




We’re new here

pusheenHello there, fellow bloggers!

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slothWineZayaan Schroeder and Robyn van der Merwe

These two believe that they are the same person…

All they really want to know if you want to build a snowman.

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